GYOA cover

Released September 1, 2023 by Excommunication Music Company

Produced by Steve Chahley, Palace Sound, Toronto, ON, except Bled Out At The Scene, Produced by Ron Hawkins, Red Door Studio, Toronto, ON

Mixed Ron Hawkins, 55 Below Studio, Toronto, ON

Cover Photo: Organize Urbex

Cover Layout/Design: Manfred Sittmann

Thank you: Ron Hawkins, Lowest of the Low, Steve Chahley, John Critchley, 19th and 7th, Pirate Radio, Lee Eckley/94.9 FM, Laura Jane Grace

Stewart Mckinney: Drums

Michael Macmillan: Bass

Manfred Sittmann: Guitars, Vocals

Adam Seed: Lead Guitar

Simon Head: Keyboards

Liner Notes: Recovery | Dreamland | LCPD